Next Learning Valley, formerly known as

Learning Analytics met Learning Locker®

Make Learning Measurable with Learning Locker®. Learning happens everywhere. Learning Locker® helps organizations to reconcile experience data from many systems into one, presenting a seamless source of analysis to make learning measurable.

Visualiseer Data

Creëer krachtige dashboards op maat.

xAPI Ready

Learning Locker® is een mondiaal erkende Learning Record Store (LRS).

Aanvullende apps

Selecteer add-on apps om het leren nog krachtiger te maken.

Flexible Reporting

Met cloud-managed, on-premise, OEM en open source opties

API Driven

Take complete control over Learning Locker® through our powerful (and very well documented) APIs.

Automated Indexes & Suggestions

Learning Locker® is designed to cope with any xAPI data you can throw at it, even if it's something we've never seen before.

BI Connectors

Connecting directly into MongoDB, you can read and report on your data in a familiar BI structure such as Tableau or Power BI.

Business Automation

Create complex business rules to transform incoming activity data into new, aggregated activity records. Perfect for automating learning and administration tasks.

Multiple Stores, One Installation

Learning Locker® comes multi-tenant enabled, allowing you to set up multiple stores within Learning Locker® to collect xAPI according to different data source and storage requirements.


Naast consultancy en service level agreement (SLA) op het gebied van learning analytics en de inrichting van LearningLocker® bieden we onderstaande hostingpakketten aan.



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About us...

Wij (François Walgering en Jos Maassen) hebben op 1 oktober 2014 NextLearningValley B.V. opgericht. Een exclusief partnership met HT2Labs (Oxford) werd gesloten. In de jaren daarna hebben we de volgende labels in de markt gezet: MOOCFactory, LRSFactory en YOUFactory. Sinds 1 april 2019 heten wij Next Learning Valley. Samen met onze experts houden wij ons bezig met de nieuwste trends in learning technologies. Vooral op het gebied van social learning, learning analytics en gepersonaliseerd leren.

François Walgering

Owner | Learning innovator

Jos Maassen

Owner | Learning innovator

Sascha Wens

Associate | Learning Experience Designer

Max Mertens

Associate | Data scientist

John van Erp

Associate | Social Learning Expert