Next Learning Valley, formerly known as

Personalized Learning met CuratrLXP

Curatr LXP: The new Intelligent Learning Experience Platform. Curatr LXP quickly delivers rich, compelling online learning that aligns your workforce with your business strategy. Simple, modern & smart !

Self-Directed Learning

Support and structure self-directed learning across your organization. Curatr LXP encourages self-directed learning by design, supporting independence through clear scaffolding and support.

Focus on Skills

Curatr LXP helps your learners target the skills they want developing the most, with highly personalized recommendations based on individual needs.

Learning Journeys

Create besproke learning paths in minutes with smart recommendations; continually refining data-driven results to suit each individual learner.

Pre-Loaded Content and Experiences

Our Professional Development experts have scoured the web to curate the best articles, videos, podcasts and activities to help learners refine their practice.

Powered by Curation

Seamlessly mix and match your own content with thousands of hand-curated resources for a frictionless course building experience.

Enhance with AI

Curatr LXP is smart as standard, with individual recommendations that are data driven, targeted and always evolving (or go Pro to access Learning Locker and our AI-driven Social Intelligence Dashboard).


Naast consultancy en service level agreement (SLA) op het gebied van gepersonaliseerd leren en de inrichting van CuratrLXP bieden we onderstaande hostingpakketten aan.



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About us...

Wij (François Walgering en Jos Maassen) hebben op 1 oktober 2014 NextLearningValley B.V. opgericht. Een exclusief partnership met HT2Labs (Oxford) werd gesloten. In de jaren daarna hebben we de volgende labels in de markt gezet: MOOCFactory, LRSFactory en YOUFactory. Sinds 1 april 2019 heten wij Next Learning Valley. Samen met onze experts houden wij ons bezig met de nieuwste trends in learning technologies. Vooral op het gebied van social learning, learning analytics en gepersonaliseerd leren.

François Walgering

Owner | Learning innovator

Jos Maassen

Owner | Learning innovator

Sascha Wens

Associate | Learning Experience Designer

Max Mertens

Associate | Data scientist

John van Erp

Associate | Social Learning Expert